Waka Flocka Shares First Thing He’d Do As President

Waka Flocka explains what he would do first if he were elected as President of the United States.

It may be too late for to throw his name in the hat for the 2020 election but he is still telling the world how he would spend his first day in office.

Following the , Waka Flocka believes that more of a focus should be placed on racism in the White House. A number of celebrities have spoken out about the killing of the 25-year-old, who was shot dead while jogging by two men who have not been arrested.

Waka Flocka Shares First Thing He'd Do As President
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

If we ever live to see a day where Waka Flocka runs for office, we now know what he would do on his first day.

“If I become president first thing im doing is putting in a war on racism act,” said the rapper on Instagram. “Racism to me is like terrorist, bullies, evil, and wrong doing there’s no difference from either #wakaforpresident.”

As it stands, the 2020 Presidential Election will likely see two frontrunners on the ballot in Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Waka Flocka may decide to run as an independent. 

This is definitely something that we can get behind as the number of racist killings in the United States is ridiculous. Waka Flocka for President?

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