Wale Says Being Dark Skinned Hurt His Rap Career

Wale has never shied away from introspection, especially when it comes to his Twitter feed. It seems that Wale doesn’t think his career is in the place it should be, and during an impromptu Twitter Q&A session, he offered a potential reason why.

When asked by a fan whether his “expressive passion for the music hurt/prevented you from being mentioned with the rest of your class?,” Wale handily agreed. He also mentions that “being a dark skinned (not half white) rapper direct decent from Africa” also hurt him greatly in his career. 

Wale is clearly referring to the ever expanding group of bi-racial or light skinned rappers who have been taking over the rap game, with obvious examples being Drake, J. Cole, or Logic, who have all found incredible amounts of success in the rap game. The amount of successful white rappers has increased as well, with artists like Post Malone dominating the rap and Billboard charts, and others like Iggy Azalea who have to be taught about white privilege. 

That being said, there are still plenty of dark skinned rap artists who have found a place in the rap game, historically and currently. Wale’s MMG label mates Rick Ross and Meek Mill are both perfect examples. 

Wale may just be over the rap game in general, as during his Q&A he also suggested going back to school, finding a new job, and crowd sourcing the promotion for his new music. 

What do you think about Wale’s comments about skin color in rap? 

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