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Watch Billy Idol, The Roots & Jimmy Fallon Play 'Dancing With Myself' From Quarantine

We’ve all had plenty of time to make playlists during this long pandemic lockdown. Some songs just feel right at this time when we are stuck at home, with nothing to do, sometimes with family, but some of us all alone. Billy Idol gets it. And whatever meaning you take from his iconic 1980s hit “Dancing With Myself,” the song is an old-school bop that deserves some quarantine love.

Which is exactly what it got on Thursday night’s (May 21) Tonight Show, when the platinum-haired punk Zoomed in to join The Roots and Jimmy Fallon for an At Home cover of the song that included members of the band jamming on everything from pots and pans, to pill bottles and cigar box basses, with a couple kitchen implements in the mix.

The super fun clip also mixed in footage of fans dancing by themselves at home as Idol hopped in on the second verse, remixing the lyrics to reflect our times, “If I had the chance I’d ask me to dance/ If I had the chance I’d ask you all to dance.”

Watch the performance below.

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