Watch Jamie Foxx Put Some Serious AutoTune Stank on a DVD Copyright Warning

Jamie Foxx dropped by The Tonight Show on Wednesday night (Aug. 5) to talk about his new Netflix movie Project Power and to help host Jimmy Fallon lay serious AutoTune magic on super boring things like DVD copyright warnings. If that sounds weird, it totally was. The Grammy and Oscar-winning actor is always game to play and when Fallon suggested they try a new game called “AutoTune Up,” Foxx jumped right in.

The idea was to take the most vanilla copy possible and turn it into sick jams. Fallon went first, inexplicably transforming an Amazon review of a screwdriver set into an R&B burner with lines about taking apart gaming cases and removing car license plates, and Foxx was right there with him. “Baby, when we come out this quarantine we goin’ on the road!” he told Fallon. “That’s straight rock n’ soul.”

Foxx had game, too, putting some serious stank on DVD warning screen copy, making Title 17 United States code section 501 and 506 sound like a bangin’ Future outtake. Fallon gave it another shot with the Combos ingredient list and then Foxx brought it all home with the jam of the summer: instructions on how to spider-proof a shed. Vinegar, oranges and other natural repellents never sounded so fly.

Foxx also revealed how his smack talk helped motivate late L.A. Lakers great Kobe Bryant to win his fifth championship ring.

Watch Foxx tune it up below.

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