Watch Nicki Minaj Rap In SNL Sketch With Tina Fey

On top of her memorable performances of “Chun-Li” and “Poke It Out,” Nicki Minaj appeared in a sketch in this weekend’s episode of SNL. The sketch revolves around a group of friends who stick up for each other by insulting the people who’ve done them wrong — whether that’s exes or people who lied about needing a shift covered. When Nicki enters, she doesn’t even need to hear what her friend’s enemies have done before she launches into a diss rap. 

I’ll rip up her life
Yo, get the knife
‘Cause you low-key my wife
You my bitch for life
You a 10, she a 2
Life sucks for her
It’s goin’ down
When we come out
It’s up for her

It stars cast members Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon, as well as host Tina Fey. Watch the sketch above.

Nicki shared a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot on Instagram. This is not the first time Nicki has contributed to a sketch on SNL. She has previously impersonated both Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian on the show.

Nicki’s fourth studio album Queen is due out June 15th. She recently hinted that someone of great importance said that the album is her best work yet. 

Watch Nicki’s two musical performances from the show here.

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