Watch This Virtual A Capella Choir Reimagine Kelly Clarkson's 'I Dare You'

The lyrics for Kelly Clarkson’s “I Dare You,” which encourages fans to love amid hard times, feels more prominent than ever in 2020. On Friday (July 10), 47 vocalists across the globe took that message of love and reimagined the tune.

The new a capella rendition was entirely sung and filmed virtually by the performers with arrangement by Shams Ahmed.

“Wow! This is AMAZING!! Y’all can SING!” Clarkson tweeted upon watching the new version of her song.

“It’s basically, ‘I dare you to love instead of fear,'” Clarkson previously said of the meaning behind the song’s lyrics. “Especially I feel like, we’re in a world where — I mean this song, ironically is very fitting right now — but before pandemic times, it’s no secret as a nation we’re super divided. As a world, we’re getting even more divided and it’s so funny ’cause we’re so technologically advanced. Like you think it would be the opposite, that we’d be more about connection but…I thought the song would be cool to do in that sense. And then all this happened.”

Watch the reimagined “I Dare You” below.

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