White lady pulls weapon on Black mother and high schooler

WHITEWOMANPULLSGUN White lady pulls weapon on Black mother and high schooler


A white lady pulls a weapon on Black mother and high schooler after purportedly attempting to hit them with her vehicle.


The occurrence happened in a parking garage in Michigan on Wednesday (July 1). 


A white lady was apparently captured in Orion Township, Michigan on Wednesday (July 1) in the wake of threatening to use a weapon on a Black high school young lady and her mom in a parking garage. A video of the occurrence — recorded by the supposed casualties — circulated around the web on Twitter. 


As indicated by Detroit News, the contention started outside of a Chipotle around 8 p.m., when the white lady purportedly bumped the high school young lady, named Makayla Green. 


“Before I could stroll into Chipotle, this lady was coming out, and I had moved out the way so she can exit,” Green told the outlet. “She bumped me, and I stated, “Excuse you.” And then she began cussing me out and making statements like I was attacking her own space.” 


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