White Lady Who Called Cops On Black Barbecue Turned Into Hilarious Meme Series

While it’s no joke that Caucasian people have been calling the police on Black people for the most ridiculous reasons recently, the internet made a joke out of one woman’s racist snitching this past weekend. Last week, a video of a woman went viral that shows her calling the police on a Black family that was barbequing at an Oakland park. Her excuse was that the family was using a charcoal grill in a non-charcoal grilling area. The family was detained and questioned for about an hour, but no charges or citations were handed out. 

The angry white woman was witnessed harassing the family, and a picture of the woman using her cell phone to call police has been photoshopped into several crucial moments in Black history to highlight the absurdity of the situation. Below, the anonymous snitching lady drops a dime on Martin Luther King Jr.

They even caught her snitching on former president Barack Obama.

The internet, which never loses, has also placed the snitching lady in Wakanda, on Soul Train,” and within famous Black art. 

Recently, two black men had the cops called on them at a Starbucks, a group of black women had the police called to their Air BnB after they were “mistaken” for thieves, and a Black Yale Grad student had the police called on her for sleeping in a common area. 

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