Whoa! Did Keffe D Just Low-Key Blame His Nephew for Tupac's Murder… for the Second Time?

For years literally two decades hip-hop has collectively asked, “Who shot Tupac?” Books, movies, documentaries, and even television shows have been dedicated to answering this age old question.

Conspiracy theorists proposed that the government popped Makaveli, while others pointed fingers at Suge Knight. Some attributed the death to gang violence, as some gave Biggie the charge. After nothing but educated (and uneducated) guesses, most gave up, coming to terms with the fact that the answer would never come out.

As an entire culture mourned the death a young legend, there were those whose lips were so tightly sealed that the truth stayed under wraps for 22 years. Turns out, the answer to the old brain-teaser has been around all along.