Will Drake Remix 4Batz’s ‘Act II: Date @ 8?’


Dallas singer and rapper 4Batz has the internet abuzz. Late last year, he released his song “Act II: Date @ 8,” which has since proven to be a viral hit. As the hit garners more popularity, 4Batz is in the middle of a bidding war between the three major labels. The boy’s future looks promising, and now all he needs is one marker that has become a rite of passage for hip-hop and R&B artists in this day and age— a cosign from Drake.

But it looks like he may soon get the coveted seal of approval.

Will Drake remix 4Batz’s “Act II: Date @ 8?”

In an Instagram story posted last night (March 4), Drake shared an image of a screen playing an audio file. 4Batz and Drake’s longtime collaborating producer Noah “40” Shebib are tagged in the picture.

At the top of the file is a name reading “Date @ 8 REMIX S5V6b.”

Now, this could mean a lot of things. It could mean he sent a verse to 4Batz for consideration. It could also mean a remix is complete, and Drake was listening to final mixes.

But regardless, it looks like an “Act II: Date @ 8” remix is on the way, which could potentially open new doors for 4Batz. After all, we’ve seen how a Drake co-sign has boosted acts like Migos, Summer Walker, and more.