Will Ferrell Plays Kanye West & Jay-Z While DJing Frat Party

Will Ferrell’s been a lot of things in his movies: an anchorman, an elf, a step-brother, a racer, a figure skater, and much more. We haven’t seen him play the role of a frat DJ before, but that’s okay: he was saving that performance for the real world. Moreover, the Internet recently went wild over a clip of the Barbie star working the boards at a frat party in California, specifically for the University of Southern California’s (USC) Sigma Alpha Mu chapter (go Sammy!). The institution itself was hosting its Trojan Family Weekend, but he went to one of the fraternity’s extracurricular events to have some fun. Not bad for a controversial fashion designer who once sought to assassinate the Malaysian Prime Minister.

Furthermore, as you can expect for the meme factor, the legendary cowbell player had some heat on his USB. He played Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger,” and most notably, spun Kanye West and Jay-Z‘s classic “N***as In Paris.” Given that it contains a sample from Will Ferrell’s film Blades of Glory, it was simply meant to be. It’s no wonder he’s one of hip-hop’s favorite actors, whether due to all the times MCs showed love to him or for his clear proclivity for some party vibes.

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Will Ferrell Shows Off His DJ Skills

The 56-year-old looked focused and hilariously committed in sunglasses, a USC jacket, a backwards cap, and his mixing headphones. For those curious, this tailgate was before the university’s football game against the University of Arizona’s Wildcats. Of course, Will Ferrel has strong ties to the institution, graduating from it in 1990 with a bachelor’s degree in sports information. His 19-year-old son Magnus currently attends USC as a sophomore, and can be seen behind his “What Is Love”-loving dad in the clip above. We don’t know whether Magnus is a Sammy, but The Other Guy is a Delta Thau Delta brother from his days in USC (we hope they didn’t take his choice personally).

Meanwhile, back in 2017, Megamind made another return to his alma mater as a commencement speaker. In 2018, he and his Wife Viveca Paulin funded the first full scholarship for USC’s female soccer team. What else could the potential John Madden actor do to ball so hard? Drop your theories in the comments and stay posted on HNHH for more big news on Will Ferrell.

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