Wiz Khalifa Coaches Son’s Baseball Team & Cooks Up A Banger In New Vlog

Coach by day, rapper by night.

has been doing his “DayToday” vlog for years and we’re thankful because his good vibes are always infectious. Getting a peak into his lifestyle of family, music and weed reminds us that Wiz is a simple, yet awesome, dude.

In his latest episode, Wiz documents himself turning into his Coach Cam alter-ego while attending his son, Sebastian’s, baseball game. You’re probably aware of the Taylor Gang rapper’s close relationship with Bash from their adorable Oreo commercial, but you get to see some more heartwarming moments in this installment of “DayToday” – like when Wiz puts his arm around his little man and asks him “how many booties” he kicks on the baseball field. Wiz being an avid baseball dad is also well-publicized on  and by .  

In the second half of this vlog, Wiz pivots to his rapper role and moves from a sunny park to a dark studio. , Wiz is still cooking up bangers, perhaps for his next proper full-length release. During the studio session, Wiz also took a moment to teach prime rolling techniques to his buddies. 

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