Wiz Khalifa ‘Does Everything’ With His Mother, And Yes That Includes Going To The Strip Club


A mother’s love is unconditional. But according to Wiz Khalifa, so is their level of cool. The “We Dem Boyz” rapper is known for his laid-back, easy going personality. But in his eyes, he is simply an extension of his mother, Peachie Wimbush’s free spirit.

Yesterday (May 17), during his appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Wiz outlined just how down to Earth his mother is, which included a family trip to the strip club. As Hudson and Wiz discussed Mother’s Day, the musician gushed about their tight-knit relationship.

“Mother’s Day is every day for my mom,” he said. “Peachie’s a superstar. If you meet her, you’ll fall in love with her. So every day is her day. Me and my mom do everything together.”

When asked what mother and son quality time consisted of, Wiz answered: “We go to the strip club together, we went to Mexico. We went to Coachella together. We do everything. That’s my dog.”

Well, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. When it comes to parenting his son, Sebastian (whom he shares with Amber Rose), Wiz confessed that he’s also a cool dad. Earlier in the interview, he talked about throwing a West Coast gangsta themed party, fulled with low riders and more.


Bash 11th birthday party was cuhrazy loc

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Watch the full interview below.