Wiz Khalifa Does Not Want To Hear Drake's "Nice For What"

Drake‘s been dominating the charts over the past several months with his singles, “Nice For What” and “God’s Plan.” The latter held the top spot for eleven weeks straight before replacing himself at the top with the former. Everyone and their momma’s have been feeling both tracks and there’s no doubt that it got us completely excited for his upcoming album, Scorpion. “Nice For What” has been getting a lot of radio play lately and despite that, it seems like most people are still rocking with it, with the exception of one person.

Wiz Khalifa is not rocking with Drake’s latest single, “Nice For What” and he made it very clear on social media. The rapper was cruising around and when Drake’s “Nice For What” came on, the rapper quickly told the driver to turn it off.

“Yeah buddy, we in the Benz… Turn this off! Switch it,” he said to the driver with a laugh. “Good look. Play some G shit man.”

While it’s likely a joke, it’s clear that he wasn’t down to listen to the song. I mean, there’s a good chance that he finds it overplayed and probably heard it one too many times. 

Hopefully, we’ll be hearing new music from Wiz Khalifa on the radio soon. He recently revealed the release date for his project is July 13th. We might be a little over 2 months away but it’s a good time for him to share some singles for us to ride to. 


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