Wiz Khalifa Is Open To An MMA Fight If The Money Is Right

Wiz Khalifa‘s transition from skinny stoner rapper to legit swole MMA fighter has been quite a startling development, but Wiz appears to be very committed to his fitness. He’s even received a co-sign from mixed martial arts trainer Jay Glazer, who thinks that Wiz has real talent for the sport, claiming that he was the only one to ever hurt him with a body shot. 

Well, we might be seeing Wiz in action at some point in the future, as it appears that he’s open to the idea of entering the octagon in a professional match.

TMZ caught up with Wiz as he was leaving the airport, and asked him whether he ever considered going pro. Wiz didn’t seem too enthused by the idea, saying that he “likes rapping better.” Regardless, he does say that while he would want to go pro, he’s consider just being a fighter. 

There is a caveat, however, as Wiz won’t get into the ring for cheap. He says afterwards that, “You gotta pay me a whole bunch of money to get me to fight.” Wiz, being a successful rapper with a new album coming out in July, doesn’t feel the need to risk serious injury unless the money is right. 

The possibility is still there, and maybe there will be a higher chance of that happening than that Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown fight that was supposed to happen last year. 

As to which celebrity he’d be willing to fight, Wiz responded with a confident, “All of them.”

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