Though many rappers have developed a reputation for having iron-lungs,  as a truly prodigious weed smoker. As such, his entire brand has become synonymous with bud, to the point where many of his hip-hop friends have grown wary of engaging in smoke-sessions with the Kush & OJ rapper. Even those who can generally hold their own have found themselves deeply outclassed, as Wiz himself revealed during a candid talk with Big Boy TV.

Wiz Khalifa Names The Two Weakest Hip-Hop Smokers

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

When asked to point out rappers who simply can’t hang in the bud smoking department, Wiz wastes little time in calling out names. “,” he says, before taking a moment to ponder further. “. I’m stoned so I can’t think of anyone.” Big Boy also asks who wouldn’t get the passed the blunt during the pandemic, to which Wiz replies “anybody who wasn’t in the house for at least an entire month. If you haven’t been quarantining for a month, you ain’t getting no weed. Matter of fact, nobody actually.”

Big Boy also asks Wiz if he would take coronavirus immunity in exchange for six-months without weed — for him, it’s the easier answer so far. “I’m already pretty confident in my chances,” says Wiz. “So nah, I ain’t giving away my pot for that.” Last but not least, Wiz ranks B-Real as the gold-tier weed-smoker, as the silver-tier, and himself as the bronze-tier. Be sure to check out Wiz’s speed-round of marijuana-related answers at approximately sixteen-minutes into the video.

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