Wiz Khalifa Shows What He Would Look Like As MMA Fighter In Fan-Made Video

Aside from being one of the most famous rappers in the world, Wiz Khalifa has been training in martial arts for months now, showing off his extensive workouts on his Instagram story. As his skills progress, he has noticeably been bulking up as he is no longer the skinny, lanky man we once knew. With Rolling Papers 2 on the horizon, July could not come soon enough. As we wait for the long-awaited sequel project, Wiz has been showing off his summer body and promoting his upcoming tour with Rae Sremmurd. With the rapper opening up about the possibility for a future MMA fight, Wiz shared a fan-made video of what he would look like inside of the octagon.

Squaring off against Brazilian Vitor Belfort, a fan created Wiz within a UFC video game, showing off his training in the virtual world. The clip shows the Taylor Gang head landing some quick offense, kicking Belfort in the shin before flooring him with a knockout kick to the side of the head. While it is not real life, Wiz’s video game attire matches what he has been sporting on Instagram. The possibility of the rapper showing up in UFC anytime soon is unlikely but if they offer up enough money, it would be difficult for the “Black & Yellow” star to refuse.

How do you think Wiz Khalifa would fare in a legitimate MMA fight?

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