Wrabel and Kesha Get Nostalgic With Childhood Footage in 'Since I Was Young' Video: Watch

When Wrabel and Kesha were plotting out the lyric video for their new single, they knew they wanted to go back in time — and it turns out they managed to go even further back than fans expected.

On Friday (July 10), Wrabel and Kesha dropped the lyric video for their new single “Since I Was Young,” a heartwarming anthem of persistence where the frequent collaborators sing about surviving childhood and learning to thrive as adults. “Now I’m more myself than I ever was/ I’m happier than I ever was/ And I learnt to let someone love me for me,” they sing on the song’s massive chorus.

In the video, directed by Zack Sekuler, Wrabel and Kesha can be seen, but not as fans know them — in the video, the two pulled and reused old footage from their childhood, where their younger selves do everything from celebrating birthdays, to learning the piano, playing around outside, and much more.

“To be honest, I didn’t even know we had so much childhood footage,” Wrabel says in a statement to Billboard. “This video gave me goosebumps, made me cry, and prompted a late nite sappy mushy message to my family thanking them for loving me the way they do. It’s not often I look back, but seeing myself as a child in this video, with ‘since i was young’ as the soundtrack, has filled me with so much pride and so much joy. I never thought I’d be who I am today. Out and proud. I never thought I’d make it.”

“Since I Was Young” is the second single off of Wrabel’s upcoming debut album, following his most recent, harrowing single “Hurts Like Hell.”

Check out the emotional lyric video for Wrabel and Kesha’s “Since I Was Young” below:

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