Wvssim Drops A Special Track Titled “Dead To Me 2”

Artist, producer and engineer Wvssim drops a new and utterly special track titled “Dead To Me 2.” He follows-up to “Best Of Me” and “Federale,” both dropped in 2021. “Dead To Me 2” is brilliant in all the rich elements it distills. From a thrilling beat to Wvssim’s outstanding melodic performance, this new track is set to reinforce the artist’s presence and appeal in the game. 

The 22-year-old urban artist showcases his impressive abilities at translating his life experiences into powerful tracks that challenge listeners into facing their own realities, wherever they are in the world. The relatability of his narrative paired with freshest production out there combines smoothly into an explosive cocktail of sounds set to find its audience. 

Get familiar with Wvssim’s “Dead To Me 2” and check out his past releases on Spotify.  

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