Wyonate is a 21 year old artist from Philadelphia in a neighborhood called Feltonville in the section called WYO , block number 4600.  He represents OTM productions, an f the top films and music. In the year 2017 he started music and A couple friends around at the time said he could potentially be something if he really took it serious. From there he’s been pursuing an applying pressure. What really motivates him to keep going and create this art is his struggles and pains.

“I wouldn’t wanna see myself where I was in the past . My goal is to get any exposure … anything that can forward my career and bring me to the top. My accomplishments are that I have preformed in many philly based underground clubs , lounges ,and Showcases such as His n Hers , HipHopsince1987 , Club Lyrics ,RedWine , and many more.”

“I have constructed a group amongst me and two my artists ( HLM & JVClouds) called out the mud productions           (otm) . I will Bring me an my team to the frontline and raise a new era new wave artists with a drive.”

Tune in to his ficial video for HIT EM UP shot by @jaysvito after the jump and let us know what you think the song and visual in the comments!

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