Xzibit Sends Dr. Dre An Epic Care Package

Basking in the success of his Napalm cannabis brand, Xzibit took a moment to send his friend Dr. Dre a stacked care package.

When people think of great hip-hop partnerships, and aren’t mentioned nearly enough. In fact, the pair have linked up for several classics, from “X” to both “Bitch Please” tracks, “Symphony In X Major” to “U Know.” And while he didn’t produce “Multiply” as many have thought, he did mix it, so there’s that. In any case, X has continuously praised Dr. Dre as a leader and positive influence, the “Captain” of the studio and a role model through and through. 

Xzibit Sends Dr. Dre An Epic Care Package

Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Now, Xzibit has taken a moment to pay it forward. Following a glowing story from Forbes highlighting the rise of his Napalm brand and journey into the cannabis industry, X loaded up an absolutely stacked care package for his friend and collaborator. “I confide in my brother Dre and the advice and wisdom that he has given me, is priceless,” writes X. “Thank you Capp! Enjoy the Napalm and let’s continue to grow.”

From the look of it, Dre has officially been equipped with some of X’s finest cannabis products — and who better to enjoy said products than the mind behind The Chronic. Taking to IG to mark the occasion, the Doc posted up while proudly repping X’s brand, showing some admirable support to the Restless rapper. Now, all they have to do is drop some of . For those who value hip-hop camaraderie, you can’t get much better than Dr. Dre and X to the Z. 

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