Ya Boi L.I.V.E

Ya Boi L.I.V.E Discusses His Unique Blend Of Confidence & Beats In “I Don’t C Nobody”

Unmatchable hip-hop talent, Ya Boi L.I.V.E ’s newest track, “I Don’t C Nobody” emanates confidence and swagger, inspired by the captivating beat that compelled him to express his feelings. The song mirrors his belief in his status in the rap game and the trust he has in his music. 

The recent single’s one-of-a-kind style and vibe evolved instinctively, shaping its distinct aura. Collaborating with A-La Da Analist, who is also Ya Boi’s real-life brother and DemFoulPlayBoyz partner, has a significant impact on the creative process due to the duo’s natural chemistry and shared perspectives. 

As Ya Boi gears up to release more singles, he promises fans a taste of the Long Island sound and invites them into his world through unforgettable musical experiences. Regarding the modern-day hip-hop scene, the rapper highlights its universal essence, welcoming all to partake and add their unique flavors, transcending backgrounds, and fueling the genre’s vibrant and diverse influences.

In your newest track, “I Don’t C Nobody,” you radiate confidence and swagger. Can you share what inspired the song and how it mirrors your artistic journey?

The inspiration for the song just came from vibing to the beat. Sometimes it’s like that, it’s like the beat told me to say what I was feeling you know. The record is a reflection of how I feel about my status in the rap game and the confidence I have in the music I make.

A-La Da Analist has been featured in your recent releases. How does your collaboration impact the creative process? Can we expect more joint singles in the future?

A is my brother in real life so we have a bond already because we are family and that chemistry spills over to the music. He and I think and feel the same way about a lot of things, so it’s easy when we create music. Definitely look forward to hearing more of him in the future.

Having overcome many challenges in your life, how crucial is it for you to convey a message of perseverance and hard work through your music?

Life can definitely throw you a curve sometimes but the main thing, no matter how hard it may seem or actually be, is to keep going and doing your best not to give up. I like to think that through my actions and my music it shows that’s the line I’m pushing, that’s how I’m built. And if people can relate then it’s all great.

In “I Don’t C Nobody,” you playfully challenge others to rise up to your level. What message do you have for aspiring artists through this assertion?

Believe in yourself, that’s number one, work hard at your craft, that’s number two so that you can become so confident in your skill set that it shows when you put on for the people. Trust me, people can tell when it’s really authentic and polished. And if the music is actually good too, it could be the start of something big.

Could you tell us more about the creative decisions that contributed to the unique style and vibe of this track? 

It started off with the hook like most of the songs do. I made the hook in a matter of minutes like 10 minutes or so, just vibing like I mentioned earlier. The idea was more of a feeling than it was us trying to come up with a topic on purpose. Once I got all the words for the hook together, I went into my chamber, and A went into his and when we came out, we looked around and you know what, we “didn’t see nobody.”

With a series of singles set to be released in the upcoming weeks, can you offer fans a sneak peek into what they can anticipate from your forthcoming projects?

They can anticipate a fresh taste of that Long Island sound. It’s going to be like the best smoke you ever had or the baddest girl you ever had a relationship with. I’m going to welcome people into my world through my music and believe me it will be an experience they won’t forget. That’s a fact.

In your opinion, what do you think are the most significant changes and influences that have shaped modern-day hip hop?

That anybody can do it and you can do it yourself, no matter, race, color, creed, gender, weight, height, it doesn’t matter. Hip-hop is more universal now than it’s ever been just look around. I live and breathe it so I can’t wait to see what’s next.  

Listen to “I Don’t C Nobody” below: