YBN Nahmir & YBN Almighty Jay Talk Blac Chyna, Chief Keef & More

Today, YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay chopped it up to discuss a variety of topics, including video games, influences, and of course, Blac Chyna.

When asked about “his favorite feature on Blac Chyna”, Almighty Jay comes through with an answer befitting of the warm-blooded teenager he is. “The muthafuckin’ booty, boy!” he responds, ever the romantic. “Whatchu mean favorite feature? The same shit that every n***a look at,” he laughs, before getting serious. For a moment, he actually says “I lov-” before catching himself. “Cut the I lov- part out,” he says. “I fuck with Chyna, she’s mad cool. She’s a nice person to be around.” Meanwhile, Nahmir can’t help but laugh. Perhaps Almighty Jay is more of a closet romantic than he initially let on.

The clip also reveals a bit of Nahmir’s inner geek, as he literally rattles off a Grand Theft Auto cheat code off the top of the dome. Impressive shit. Aside from the more comedic moments, the interview also shines a light on their influences, primarily Chief Keef. “He got a big influence on the muthafuckin’ rap game,” says Jay. “All this new rap shit…every artist should be like Chief Keef.” Nahmir tags in, saying “this n***a did the hood shit, made n***as wanna do the hood shit. Boom. He switched it up, did autotune shit, get money shit on the Porsche tracks…Boom, n***as wanna start getting Porsche tracks, and Audi tracks…He was a big influence on us, I can’t even lie to you.”

For more from Nahmir and Almighty Jay, check out Montreality’s full interview below.

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