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YG Wants Kehlani To Stop Subbing Him On Instagram

These two are just too damn cute.

We seriously cannot get enough of these two. . They had been rumoured to be seeing each other but they kept that talk on the DL until they were sure about it. Now, they’ve been flaunting their love all across town. The newly-minted couple knows when it’s time to get serious and when they can mess around, hitting up the comments section to get us all craving a bond like theirs last night.

posted an image of herself looking off into the distance, daydreaming and thinking to herself how lucky she is at this moment of her life. She’s got a new man, a new baby, and new music on the way. “Don’t need no one else,” wrote the Bay Area songstress. Of course, her boyfriend saw the post and felt a need to comment, kindly asking Lani to stop subliminally mentioning him in all her uploads. “Stop sub’n me,” wrote the gangster rapper in her inbox. She laughed at his reply, asking herself why she knew this exact comment was on the way.

Lani and YG are officially the cutest music couple right now. Do you think they’ll last or are they just enjoying that honeymoon stage right now?

YG Wants Kehlani To Stop Subbing Him On Instagram

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