Yolo Ru, Koon Ru & Duke Deuce Unveil Got It On Me

North Carolina rapper Yolo Ru unveils his latest release, the single and music video Got It On Me. Yolo Ru has collaborated with his own brother, Koon Ru as well as with the skilled emcee Duke Deuce to record this power-filled joint. Everything here aims at displaying strength, raw truths, and empowering vibes. This Ru Gang Records production once again proves the hype around each of the artists releases, with a music video already going viral on YouTube. 

Raised in Fayetteville but originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Yolo Rus two biggest inspirations in life are his own mother and Jay-Z. Despite being offered several scholarships to attend D1 colleges playing football, he had to switch lanes after being arrested. His fascination for music gave him the strength to start anew, and begin a new chapter of his life as a rapper. He also taught himself how to record, mix and engineer his own sound. 

Joined by his brother Koon Ru, they both started to collaborate, and harmoniously complemented each other musically speaking. Known for their prophetic kind of rap and hard punchline, their substance-filled music pairs lyrical straightforwardness with an unprecedented versatility in terms of music.

Got It On Me is a major drop that has already helped them introduce their signature rap to over 500K listeners, and counting!

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