Young M.A Directs Adult Lesbian Scene for Pornhub

After putting herself on hip-hop’s radar with her 2016 track “Ooouuu” which made it to the top 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart Young M.A had been kind of quiet. (As one fan put it, “Shes quietly been running songs.”) However… With recent reports that she’s directing a little something-something for Pornhub, she’s making noisier waves again.

The rapper will start off the adult entertainment company’s Visionaries Director’s Club series.

The Gift

Young M.A Directs Adult Lesbian Scene for Pornhub

Source: Instagram @youngma

The Brooklyn native is making her directorial debut, directing a film called The Gift. Though this project is a one-off type of thing, as her sole focus is still on her rap career, the star is giving it everything she has.

The feature film which Young M.A says is “about a girl, a virgin” will portray seven women. “It’s her birthday and a friend kinda like sends her off to this place where she’s mysteriously walking through different rooms and stuff and finding out, you know, paradise,” the rapper reveals.

“We don’t have to put no titles on it just know that it’s women only,” the 26-year-old continues. Tying in her April 2017 EP Herstory, music from the project will play during “key moments” of The Gift.

New Music

The star is most definitely working on her next music project. Earlier this week (April8), M.A posted a video of herself in the studio, giving fans a little taste of what she’s been putting together.

“Comment ? if I should drop this! #youngma #whorunit,” she captioned the Twitter video. And so… Fans filled the comments with ?.

“Was listening to this & started hittin the wakanda bounce,” wrote a Twitter user. “Cant wait till she give us the album bro,” added another.

Famous Collabs

Comment ? if I should drop this!

Young M.A (@YoungMAMusic) April 8, 2018

Back in February, the rapper publicly pitched a collab idea with “While We’re Young” singer Jhene, reaching out to the Cali native Instagram in the hopes that shell see it.

Yo Jhen Aiko, I made my team reach out to you. I wanna work with you, she said in an Instagram video. Im saying, I never do s**t like this. I love your sound. I love your vibe. I love your swag. I wanna work with you. I got this record and I can just hear you on it, man. By the way, I love this song too. Word up. So, lets get it.

She also put out a call for her fans to tell her who she should work with next.