Young Thug’s Comments On Lil Wayne Tour Bus Shooting Admissible In YSL RICO Trial

Back in 2015, Young Thug was taken into custody in Georgia. He spoke to police about Lil Wayne’s tour bus shooting, despite him being in jail on a separate charge. A majority of his conversation with police surrounded the shooting, and it went on for quite some time. While he was never charged in relation to the shooting, authorities thought he could have been involved, and chatted with him for roughly two hours about it.

Young Thug has pushed for the conversation to be suppressed, claiming that since he had no attorney present, it shouldn’t be used in his YSL RICO case. Unfortunately for him, however, Judge Ural Glanville ruled recently that since he chose to waive his right to have a lawyer present and was never charged, the conversation is admissible in court.

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Young Thug Takes A Loss Ahead Of RICO Trial

“[Young Thug] o##### waived his Miranda rights before speaking with Detective Raissi and Agent Cunningham. [Young Thug’s]’ statements to them were voluntary and thus admissible. The evidence presented showed that [Young Thug] voluntarily waived his Miranda rights o#####, despite his refusal to sign the Miranda waiver form, after [Young Thug] was read his rights. An oral waiver of Miranda is a proper waiver of such rights,” Judge Glanville said. 

As previously reported, his YSL RICO trial continues to see delays due to a jury selection process that’s taking longer than expected. It even broke a Georgia record earlier this week, becoming the longest jury selection process in the state’s history. Young Thug wants to call various major names to the witness stand to speak on his behalf once it begins. Reportedly, these people include T.I., Killer Mike, Lyor Cohen, and Trae Tha Truth. What do you think of Young Thug’s conversation with police about Lil Wayne’s tour bus shooting being admissible in court? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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