Yung Berg Responds To Accusations That He Pistol-Whipped “Girlfriend”

Berg says he acted in self-defense and was set up for a home-robbery invasion instead.

was on the wrong end of some accusations this past weekend when a former  her, which resulted in her being hospitalized with a broken nose. At the time, the police report said the two got into a verbal dispute, before Berg reportedly hit her numerous times with a pistol, but there’s two sides to every story, and now Berg is telling his.

On Tuesday, Hitmaka took to his Instagram to share a statement from his lawyers, which says he acted in self-defense and was set up in what he believes was a home-invasion. Berg’s lawyers say a couple armed-robbers were apparently working with the alleged victim, who Berg said was NOT his girlfriend, and she was trying to let them in to rob Berg. Thankfully, they were unsuccessful in doing so thanks to Berg’s security and alarm system, but not before Hitmaka caught the alleged victim in communication with the robbers text on her phone, proving she was trying to set him up. Since then, Berg has given all his information and video evidence to the police in hopes the perpetrators are caught in the future.

You can read Berg’s statement & story of what happened (below) and make your own assessment on who to believe because someone is lying through their teeth. We’ll keep you posted once more info comes to light.

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