Yung Pacino – “Perfect Timing”

West LA music artist  Yung Pacino plans to dominate the charts with a new single titled “Perfect Timing.” Inspired by artist such as Pac, drake, and Rick Ross the upcoming release of this single plans to shake the airwaves with music that is not forced, just flows.

It involves telling a story of a natural-born hustler griding his way to the top at the “Perfect Timing”. Yung Pacino has a thorough musical background with a powerful team of producers, engineers, and business partners behind him. 

One of his biggest inspirations is his two daughters and he wants to provide for his entire family the way they deserve and provided for him. Yung Pacino has released two mixtapes, several singles, and a joint album with Block Boys.

Between all his projects he has earned over 200k views and streams on YouTube and Spotify. Yung Pacino is here to flood the music industry with authenticity and bring the real 90s hip hop era back to surface.

“Know what you see is what you get…I’m not a role model…I’m here to motivate & inspire to be legendary” – Yung Pacino

Overall, he is a future star, and to assist in his journey, “Perfect Timing” will be available to stream on all digital platforms. 

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