ZayTheGOAT Releases Highly-Anticipated Single, “Another One”

C26104E5-594C-427C-A98A-45CB68910F57 ZayTheGOAT Releases Highly-Anticipated Single, "Another One"

Fresh from his standout collaboration with the 803 legend Blacc Zacc; ZaytheGOATcontinues to bring the heat with his new single “ Another One”. This record exudes ZaytheGOAT’s confidence and no-nonsense attitude. Zay expresses how he’s able to navigate through the music industry by taking a step back and observing those who are genuinely for him and those who are simply clout chasing.

“Every problem has a solution & when the police took my gun my only solution being who I am was to go get another one.” – ZayTheGOAT on new single

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