2051 Paper On His Way To Become The Hottest Rapper In The Game

East Atlanta native, 2051 Paper keeps dropping powerful pieces like “Even” and “Pillow Talking”, making us anxious for more. This young artist has much to share with the world, and hip-hop fans are so ready to hear what he has to say! Like a breath of fresh air, “Even” features a stunning melody and innovative rapping that instantly sets 2051 Paper apart in the industry. “My music really comes from what I’ve done, seen, and been through, which is relatable all over the world, everybody going through a struggle or has been through a struggle…and I want listeners to know everybody has a purpose in life, you’ve just got to find it,” 2051 Paper said.

2051 Paper is completely dedicated to his music, learning and evolving with every step. His previous releases include singles and music videos for “Pillow Talking”, “Aggravated”, “Feel My Pain”, and “Backend”. 2051 prepares to share more of his art soon and hopes to collaborate with some popular artists in the game. “I ended up making my first song when I was around 12 or 13. I had written my own lyrics, which were fire for my age, but I didn’t do anything with it for real, till I started posting snippets on Instagram and my followers started rocking with me,” 2051 Paper said in a recent interview. Support the artist on social media and stay tuned for more!

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