has been growing increasingly frustrated about an Australian street artist who has continually painted murals of the rapper as other famous people. Thus far, Fiddy has been transformed into , Mike Pence, and many others. All of the murals have earned reactions from the television producer and author on social media as he . The latest mural may be the last straw.

This time around, anonymous artist Lushsux has continued the trollery with a large painting of 50 Cent as . Fif ended up seeing it and, needless to say, he was pissed.

50 Cent Livid Over New Mural Of Him As 6ix9ine
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Taking to Instagram to repost a photo of the graffiti, 50 Cent issued a threat against Lushsux, claiming that he can find him even though he’s halfway across the world.

“I’m sick of this shit, he think i can’t find his ass in australia,” angrily wrote the legendary rapper. “I’m a have a knot put right on his fucking head.”

This one must have hit especially close to home. Last week, Fif did an interview where he said that he had . 6ix9ine struck back by saying it wouldn’t be the first time Curtis had . With that fresh in his mind, it couldn’t have been pleasant to see this new mural pop up.