Lori Harvey is the reason why a lot of women have quit the quarantine snacks this weekend.

The model, who has been romantically linked to rapper , had a nice weekend in the sun, letting her followers in on some of the fun. As she was getting ready to lounge by the water with her man, Lori Harvey shared a video of herself showing off her stunning figure, which left tons of women a little envious.

Lori Harvey Is A Knock-Out Beauty In Black Bikini
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Whether you’ve been snacking a little extra during quarantine or working out like a fiend, Lori Harvey will get you throwing away the junk food and training your ass off because, according to her, summer is not canceled. She’s clearly been working on her bikini body all year long because, in a video that was picked up by The Shade Room, she flaunted her abs and fixed her hair before making her way back outside.

Her string bikini covered her femininity to a minimal degree, abiding by Instagram’s rules and regulations on nudity while still remaining sexy as hell.

Last month, people were speculating that the model was . Clearly, after uploading this video, we can confirm that there is no bun in the oven.