50 Cent’s Son Didn’t Know He Was Famous Until Learning That He Knew Travis Scott

Celebrity children can sometimes have difficult lives in the public eye. But other times they can take to the spotlight immediately and become a factory of hilarious quotes and clips. But this time it was the parent, in this case 50 Cent, sharing a hilarious story. In a new interview, he talked about his son not realizing that he was famous until seeing him on tour. After he finishes performing his younger son hilarious asks if every time he said he was leaving for work, that’s what he was doing.

But an even funnier point in the interview is what follows. He reveals that his son’s barometer for how famous he actually is appears to be proximity from Travis Scott. First 50 explains that his son asked him if he knew Travis, before following it up asking if he could talk to Travis right now. But the moment 50’s song really knew how famous his dad actually is came when they got a pair of Travis Scott’s newest shoes. Check out the adorable and hilarious interview clip below.

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50 Cent’s Son Reacts To Him Knowing Travis Scott

Across the past few months 50 Cent has been re-igniting beef he has with Diddy. It started in the wake of a lawsuit filed against the legendary rap mogul by Cassie making some intense accusations of assault. That was followed by even more lawsuits dating back decades with a whole variety of nasty claims against Diddy. 50 has taken pretty much every opportunity since then to take shots at him un any way he can think of.

50 has taken from stand-up comedy skits, repurposed old photos and even shared AI generated content all in an attempt to troll Diddy. But he’s also taking the allegations made against Diddy seriously. 50 claimed he wanted to make a detailed documentary dissecting everything Diddy has been accused of with all the proceeds going to his alleged victims. What do you think of 50 Cent’s adorable story of his son realizing how famous he is by asking questions about Travis Scott? Let us know in the comment section below.

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