Janelle Monae Becomes The Grinch In Stunning Costume

Janelle Monáe is bringing a whole new meaning to the holiday spirit, as they’re quite literally wearing it on their face. Moreover, they shared a new video of them donning a full costume of The Grinch that looks like it could’ve appeared in a live-action film of it. It’s unclear whether the singer and actress will use this fit for something grander or if they just wanted to pop off and go a little bit harder on the “a very extra Christmas” front. Either way, the results certainly speak for themselves, and we can’t imagine what they might do as an on-screen Grinch. After all, the Kansas City native is intertwining the worlds of movies and music more than ever these days.

Whether this Grinch outfit is for a video, some promo material, or just for fun, we’re glad that they’re celebrating with style and joy. This was an excellent year for Janelle Monae: their album The Age Of Pleasure, while not as conceptually daunting as previous work, still ranks as one of 2023’s best, waviest, and most soothing auditory offerings. In addition, they also caused a lot of noise with their tour and proudly stamped their identity into the industry as always. Hopefully 2024 yields even more great things in whatever artistic lane will be tackled next.

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Janelle Monae’s Grinch Costume

What’s more is that Janelle Monae is also sharing this joy and excitement with plenty of other musical icons. For example, they recently tore it up at the club with Victoria Monét and Teyana Taylor, and the chemistry between these creatives is truly special. Not only are they all accomplished as directors and world-builders, but you’d be hard-pressed to find folks who do it as stylishly as them. Even when they just go out to have fun, these artists never fail to impress and captivate with their presence.

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old recently performed with Usher at a Las Vegas show, an unlikely but very welcome crossover. That shouldn’t have surprised us, though; they often collaborate with so much diverse talent. Fingers crossed for even more special team-ups in the new year. For more news and the latest updates on Janelle Monae, log back into HNHH.

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