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Ant D & Ch4ser Team-Up on The Sublime Joint “I GOT WHAT YOU NEED”

Ant D and Ch4ser have teamed-up for the release of a sublime track titled “I GOT WHAT YOU NEED.” This magnificent production sees both artists unleash their very best performing skills while complementing each other to perfection.  

The looped back vocals do wonders in terms of setting the mood and vibe of the track while Ant D’s surgically precise execution gives the track a very intense dimension. 

Simultaneously juxtaposing opposite energies has worked ideally for “I GOT WHAT YOU NEED,” a mellow song that nevertheless creates an impactful listening experience, leaving listeners wanting to hear more or play the track on repeat. 

With tens of thousands of plays just a few days upon release, Ant D’s “I GOT WHAT YOU NEED” is one more proof of the fast-rising artist’s vivid creativity and special vision for the genre. 

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