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Raid Official Drops The Explosive Joint “Friday” Off Latest Mixtape Her Majesty’s Institute

West London rapper Raid Official is back with an explosive joint titled “Friday,” a song off his latest mixtape release Her Majesty’s Institute. The skilled storyteller and performer has truly outshined himself on the entire tracklist, and particularly on the track “Friday,” which offers fans a powerful way to get introduced to his unique urban art. 

The fast-rising artist launched his music career with the debut track “Official Freestyle,” and has worked with acclaimed producers Will.B and MixedbyJocelin (Not3s, Charlie Sloth). His raw honesty, never straining for effect and carried through a straightforward approach is what gives his music a rock-solid substance that will surely trigger fan’s loyalty and engagement in the near future. 

Having served a five and a half year jail sentence before being released in February 2021, Raid’s debut mixtape Her Majesty’s Institute takes listeners through the bittersweet journey of his life so far. Raw and gritty, Raid shares with the masses a cathartic healing process that tells the story of his ‘life in prison’ and the dark side of living on the run from police in London. 

With this mixtape and the track “Friday,” Raid Official is well on his way to become a prominent figure of urban culture in the UK and beyond, on the International scene. 

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