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Space Unveils New Track Titled “OTL” Featuring Kish!

British rapper-producer Space has teamed-up with fellow artist Kish! On the release of his latest track titled “OTL,” a minimalist rap track set to make some noise in the scene. 

Born and raised in West London, Space has always had a taste for the abstract. Growing up on old school grime mixed with alternative UK rap, US hip hop and even some old school R’n’B, his music influences draw from a wide pool ranging from Ghetts and Griminal to Freddie Gibbs and Tyler the Creator. Being self taught in both songwriting and producing his music influences often leave it hard to completely categorize him as an artist of a specific genre however Grime and anything between 130 to 140bpm are his definitive comfort zones.

“OTL” is a great display of his multiple abilities, both as a producer and as a songwriter who, on top of it all, can flawlessly execute his craft. The collaboration with Kish! Has already proven to be extremely efficient, while we hope the pair will continue creating powerful sounds together in the near future. 

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