Ari Fletcher Ropes Her Son With G Herbo, Yosohn, Into Taina Williams Drama

Ari Fletcher just raised a lot of eyebrows online thanks to her recent Instagram Live session with her son, Yosohn. Moreover, she had to react to him mentioning Taina Williams, who recently split from his father, G Herbo. While Herbo and Ari kept up an amicable relationship after their break-up for the sake of their son, she was not too kind to Williams recently, and engaged in some nasty social media beef. As such, many people blasted the model and influencer for not deflecting the situation and for involving Yosohn in their feud in such a public way.

“What about Tata, are you cool with her?” Yosohn asked his mother. “He’s messy! Let’s not get into that,” Ari Fletcher responded with a laugh. “Why you don’t like her?” he inquired, obviously picking up on what she was laying down with her response. “Why she don’t like me?” Fletcher responded, which Yosohn was surprised at. “That’s what you said,” the mother told him. “Well, you’re famous, she does like you,” he adorably concluded, unknowingly doing what many think his mom should’ve done by somehow diffusing the situation.

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Yosohn Asks Ari Fletcher About Taina Williams Beef

Furthermore, Ari Fletcher previously addressed why she shared Williams’ phone number online, which let fans know that there was a feud brewing between them. “My child was left in her care and she took my son outside somewhere,” she tweeted. “I called to talk to my son she had my number blocked and told herb mama I can’t have her number and to take it up with herb. If I can’t have a contact on who has my son because you don’t like me then you shouldn’t have my son. So now everybody got your number. Cause find somebody else to play with.

“I called from numerous numbers, called his dad, called his grandma, DM her. Don’t tell me about better ways!” she continued. “His dad left town and I didn’t even know so my baby was left with her which isn’t a problem. But at least let me have a contact so I can check on my baby. That’s cr*zy.” For more news and the latest updates on Ari Fletcher, G Herbo, and Taina Williams, check back in with HNHH.

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