Ariana Grande’s 10 Best Collaborations: Critic’s Picks

Ariana Grande’s discography is full of highly-successful collaborations featuring some of the biggest names in music, along with some fan-favorite deep cuts that hit just as hard.

As for Grande's next collaborative endeavor, fans got to hear the first snippet of an upcoming song with Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey today (June 27) in the official trailer for the upcoming Charlie’s Angels movie.

While we patiently wait in anticipation of the powerhouse collab, Billboard has compiled ten of Ariana Grande’s best collaborations to date.

10. "Break Your Heart Right Back"

Collaborator: Childish Gambino

Why We Love It: Grande effortlessly weaves in and out of keys, from falsetto to her lower register, over a sampled guitar riff from Diana Ross’ 1980 hit “I’m Coming Out.” The Childish Gambino collaboration touches on a situation where a guy cheats on a girl with another guy. 

9. "Dance To This" 

Collaborator: Troye Sivan

Why We Love It: Grande linked up with her pal Sivan for the dance-pop track, which appears on Sivan’s second studio album Bloom. The song, composed of entrancing synths and gentle vocals that blend together perfectly, is a sultry bop that’s bound to get you moving along with the two pop heavyweights.

8. "Best Mistake"

Collaborator: Big Sean

Why We Love It: This piano-heavy track consists of one verse each from Grande and Sean, as they sing about a past relationship being the “best mistake" each as ever made, as the title implies. While the song may be on the sadder side, it's definitely one of their strongest works together.

7. "Quit" 

Collaborator: Cashmere Cat

Why We Love It: “Quit” is the third collaboration between Grande and Cashmere Cat. The fan-favorite deep cut consists of Cashmere Cat’s smooth beat supporting Grande’s velvety vocals, as she sings about not being able to let go of her lover, no matter how much she should: “I can’t quit you/Yeah, I’m gonna regret it.”

6. "Problem"

Collaborator: Iggy Azalea

Why We Love It: The retro, bubbly and horn-filled Azalea-assisted “Problem” stands out from the rest of Grande’s early discography and led her straight a No. 2 peak on the Hot 100. As the pre-chorus beat builds and Grande’s voice gets impossibly higher, the unique drop that comes next is wholly unexpected. 

5. "The Way" 

Collaborator: Mac Miller

Why We Love It: Grande joined forces with Miller back in 2013 for what would be come a Hot 100 top 10 hit. Aside from flawless vocals from Grande, the collaboration samples Brenda Russell’s “A Little Bit of Love,” features a playful verse from the late rapper, and channels elements of ‘90s R&B. The song set the precedent for the years of success that laid ahead for Grande. 

4. "Bang Bang"

Collaborators: Nicki Minaj, Jessie J

Why We Love It: Watch out: three badass women and a whole lot of girl power are coming through. “Bang Bang” seamlessly intertwines aspects of pop and rap that’ll have you channeling your inner sass and keep your blood pumping.

3. "Side to Side"

Collaborator: Nicki Minaj

Why We Love It: Grande and Minaj are now frequent collaborators, but the first time they truly brought the heat together was with “Side to Side.” The bouncy beat and catchy melody is guaranteed to have you bopping your head wherever you are. Minaj delivers some iconic lines in her verse, namely: “I give zero fucks and I got zero chill in me,” and “I’m the queen of rap, young Ariana run pop.” 

2. "Break Free"

Collaborator: Zedd

Why We Love It: Grande crossed over to the world of dance music with the upbeat anthem “Break Free.” Her powerful vocals and Zedd’s explosive beat drop will never not have you jamming out, ready to leave behind anybody who's ever done you wrong.

1. "Love Me Harder"

Collaborator: The Weeknd

Why We Love It: Grande’s 2014 collaboration with The Weeknd is one we didn’t know we needed until it was in our hands. The duo shows off their sensual side with the pop/R&B team-up, while delivering silky, smooth vocals that complement each other beautifully. 

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