Ashbeck – Playin [Stream]

Photo Credit:  @justinthegreatgod

Photo Credit: @justinthegreatgod

Rapper Ashbeck has released his new single ‘Playin’’, produced by Billzonthebeat, in the wake of his 2019 collaborative album ‘Ashlondo’ with El Londo. Billzonthebeat is also a rising producer on the underground UK rap scene, who also presents for VICE UK. The multi-talented artist produces beats from all walks of genres such as grime, trap and some Lo-Fi sounding rap, taking inspiration from Playboi Carti or Migos.  

‘Playin’’ starts with an effortless sounding, slow beat as Ashbeck talks about how much he likes being around his partner and how much he would like to see her, with an indication that this track was produced during quarantine as he says the line “how am I gone see you when in lockdown?”. He also talks about his successes within his career such as how when he first touched a mic everything changed, and how he has loads of people around him since being on a steady come up. The track sends out a positive note of remembering to stay true to yourself, how he has accomplished certain goals and having resilience.  

The track emulates a steady and relaxed feel which moves away from previous projects such as ‘Starmix’ which was more rap based. The production is reminiscent of classic Ashbeck sounds and is much slower but still just as lyrically focused. The beat changes around 2:15 and goes even slower to adapt to the outro. All in all, the track is a charming number that is perfect for a late evening, or if you’re just missing someone whilst quarantining. 

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