retropxssy – Double Take [Stream]

Photo Credit:  Aishah Xenia

Photo Credit: Aishah Xenia

London based retropxssy delves into the psyche of lust and love on the devious, disorderly ‘Double Take’. A DIY artist, whose wide spanning range of influences such as The Prodigy and Odd Future, has an intimate and individualistic persona and style. On this new single, we see thought provoking and thematic lyricism combined with an unusual and sparse instrumental that creates a lopsided, otherworldly timbre. 

The production is innate and enclosed, with a bulging, subby bass and synth melody drawn out and atmospheric. There are elements of several genres in the track, with the obvious weirdness and off-kilter soundscape of alternative American hip hop, such as the influential Odd Future, as well as elements of post-punk modernism, used by new wave bands like Sorry and Dream Wife, in the delivery and wordplay. Retro’s voice is full of personality, and her tone is a mixture of mischief and boredom, which goes well with the narrative structure and the thematic connotations of dysfunctionality and societal expectations.  

A well crafted and enjoyable piece, this is the work of a well versed and experienced artist who has created a sound and image for herself. Good things to come in the future. 

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