Rowes – No Lie [Video]

Ominous production, arresting flows and salient lyricism are at the forefront on North West London artist Rowes debut single ‘No Lie’. A newcomer in the alternative scene, Rowes combines the ferocity and vitality of UK drill with the hazy, psychotropic timbre of US trap. On No Lie, Rowes comes through with cultured delivery and introspective, authentic songwriting to create a cold, fanatical landscape of frustration and youth culture. The track is accompanied by a well shot and cinematic narrative based video. 

The self-produced instrumental combines an atmospheric marimba melodic line with plunging 808 hits and a spacious percussive section. The mix is slick and resonant, with psychedelic sensibilities creeping in. Vocally, Rowes switches between expressive, autotune singing and industrious, stinging rap flows which combine to create a dingy and trippy inflection. Lyrically, the track is focused and articulate, with the artist drawing upon themes such as mistrust, uncertainty and law discrepancy.  

With a memorable chorus and tenacious, perceptive writing, this is a solid debut from a promising artist. With a mixtape coming very soon, expect Rowes name to start appearing in the right places. 

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