Benny The Butcher Reflects On Fred The Godson Passing Away From COVID-19

Benny The Butcher spoke about Westside Gunn being ill from COVID-19 and Fred The Godson passing away at 35-years-old.

While there are millions of people who have their conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 pandemic, people who have survived a bout with the virus are here to tell you that it’s the real deal. We previously reported that Griselda emcee Westside Gunn battled coronavirus, and he talked about his experience, saying, “I’m feeling good now, these short breaths, .” His Griselda mate recently sat down with VladTV to talk about his friend’s recent struggles, admitting that he didn’t speak with Gunn much while he was sick to give him space to recover.

“I remember speaking to him and he was telling me he was sick and I was thinking, yo, you probably f*cked up,” Benny said. “He had it… That sh*t is nothing to play with. I got asthma. I got bad asthma, and me and Fred, we shared that. So, seeing him go, it’s just a f*cked up wake-up call. A wake-up call that I didn’t want and it’s sad that he left us so early from this unexpected virus that just came out of nowhere. A tragedy. Real sh*t.”

Benny went on to sing  about the times he worked with the late rapper. “It’s a lot of people in Buffalo[, New York] who died from that sh*t. It’s a lot of people,” he continued. Benny said his girl has her own wig and hair extensions company, and she sold a woman some items one day and not long after, saw on social media that the customer passed away from COVID-19. “People are really here today and gone tomorrow off of that sh*t so, I just want everybody to be careful. And I’m not going anywhere near Buffalo right now.” Watch Benny The Butcher below.

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