Bobbi Althoff Joins Offset’s Video Shoot, Makes Off With $5K

In a new YouTube video posted by setwillfree, Bobbi Althoff pulls up to his music video shoot with Offset. In the beginning of the video, Will Freeark leaves a duffle bag filled to the brim with $5K outside of the hotel they’re shooting at. He includes a note on the bag, asking “Can I trust you?” and advising it’s finder to return it to the hotel. Luckily for him, Althoff was right around the corner. When she returns the bag, they invite her to be a part of the video, and she reluctantly agrees. She even makes a cameo in the music video, mouthing a few lines of “Jealousy” and playing the role of a bandit.

Bobbi Althoff has been blowing up as of late for her hilarious interviews. So much in fact that she’s recently been accused of being an industry plant, which she denies. Her unique take on interviewing has the internet in a headlock. She first went viral for her interview with Drake last month, which has more than 10 million views at the time of writing. She later moved on to sit down with Lil Yachty and most recently, Tyga. In this new video, viewers can even see Althoff momentarily break her famous aloof character.

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Bobbi Althoff At Offset’s “Jealousy” Shoot

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Yesterday, Althoff dropped her latest interview with Tyga. The duo sat down at a zoo, taking turns feeding a porcupine. Though the rapper appears to have annoyed Althoff with his complaints about the heat, use of a personal fan, and reluctance to become her assistant, it’s yet another successful high-profile interview added to her list.

Offset and Cardi B released “Jealousy” at the end of last month, just after some recent online drama. Offset took to social media to accuse Cardi of cheating on him, which she of course denies. It’s unclear whether or not that was simply a stunt to promote the new collab, however, it seems possible. They were even able to secure Jamie Lee Curtis for a cameo in the accompanying music video.

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