exxy! paradoxxx

exxy! Unveils Debut Mixtape PARADOXXX Redefining Underground Rap

Straight out of LA, the up-and-coming rap prodigy exxy! has dropped an off the charts debut mixtape, PARADOXXX, including his freshest jam “NVR FELT THIS.” This new release gives a glimpse into the artist’s grind over nearly a whole year, crafting and testing sounds like a true hip-hop alchemist. The record not only kicks off an enthralling start to his career, but also helps blaze his own trail in the creative game.

The top-notch track, “NVR FELT THIS,” leads the record’s momentum, featuring a bomb collaboration with underground rapper Lunchbox. exxy! doesn’t hold back, aiming to inject fire into the song, while offering a taste of his unapologetic demeanor and infectious charisma. The hook stands out with its fearless flex, showing the artist isn’t afraid of the dark times – as he rocks the challenges that come his way in style. Dipping into astral trips and raw feels, the bars pledge a mind-bending journey into his signature sound.

exxy! paradoxxx

In addition to “NVR FELT THIS,” PARADOXXX slides onto the scene with an epic roster, bringing in tracks like “W.H.S.W.G.H.,” “VAMP GIRLZ IN THA SUN,” “SØ DUMBB,” “NØTHING LASTS 4EVR,” “MAK3 IT WORKK,” “HMS,” “FALL FRØM GR4CE,” “FUK THA REST,” and “COCAINE COWGIRLS.” The collection is like a symphony of underground bangers, introducing exxy!’s unique flair. The album pumps fresh energy into the genre, flipping the script with its one-of-a-kind melodies and beats.

Within PARADOXX, a realm of hedonism and defiance gets uncovered, spinning tales of indulgence, tiptoeing the ledge, and wholeheartedly grabbing onto that carefree vibe. Threads of materialism, love ties, and pleasure are woven tight with a shadowy, soul-searching twist. The mixtape seizes the electrifying angles of youth culture, fusing luxe and thrill into a fierce concoction of standing strong, pushing back, and owning it all.

Infused with the essence of Run-DMC, the Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, and others, exxy! carved out his groove and broadened his sonic horizons. exxy! dove deep into the soundscape, vibing with established legends and the underground crew alike. Now, in the aftermath of PARADOXX, the rapper’s poised to cement his position as a shining up-and-comer to watch. His ride doesn’t stop here, rolling out a consistent stream of fresh drops, including a slick video to go with “NVR FELT THIS.”

Listen to the full album below: