Busta Rhymes Chose A Show With Chris Brown Over His Son’s Graduation

During a recent interview, Busta Rhymes reflected on his achievements. He also opened up about some of the guilt that he deals with due to his “shortcomings” along the way. The artist reveals that missing out of some major milestones in his kids’ lives has made an impact on him. “Living with that for a long time is hard,” he explains. “Because it’s like when and how can I fix it? And you never get an answer to that.“

“When me and Chris Brown performed ‘Look At Me Now’ at BET when Lil Wayne did not do it with us, I missed my son’s high school graduation, my oldest son’s,” he began. “I came home from that and he was upset, and Greenhouse was still open. I threw a party for him at Greenhouse and I had Jim Jones perform, and Ace Hood perform, and I performed. He was happy about the party but he still wasn’t happy about me missing his high school graduation.”

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Busta Rhymes Has Lived To Regret It

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“I lived with that sh*t for a long time,” Busta Rhymes then shares. “It didn’t matter how much I wanted to say sorry, I knew that it wouldn’t be enough.” He continues, revealing that he hopes his children can forgive him for ways he hasn’t lived up to their expectations. “You hope that one day they understand that the sacrifice that was made was the lesser of the two evils,” he says.

He later went on to weigh the pros and cons of his career, or falling back to be with family. “You’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t,” he explains. He claims that though it’s difficult to grapple with the guilt of missing moments in his family’s life, he’s got to do what he’s got to do. Busta Rhymes says that he does what he can to make sure they’re taken care of, and all he can do is just hope that one day they get it.

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