Rick Ross Said He Had To Leave The Club Like “Micheal Jackson”

Rick Ross has gone mildly viral for his hilarious exit from a recent club appearance. In a video posted to social media, Ross can be seen frantically running through the back corridors of a club. “Shit, I gotta get rushed out the back of the club like Michael Jackson. Bitch, that’s some nasty shit.” Previous clips that Ross had shared showed a raucous crowd around the performer, with bottles popping everywhere. However, it appears that things may have got out of hand at some point.

Of course, the video is just another snippet of the hilarious lifestyle that Ross lives. Recently, the hit producer claimed that he could put together an album in just 48 hours. “That’s when dudes was understanding how I can play with my words and how easy it was.” He continues, “I could go in there and put an album together in 48 hours.”

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Rick Ross Escapes The Club, But DJ Envy Can’t Escape Rick Ross

While Rick Ross was able to safely escape the club, one person who hasn’t been able to Ross is DJ Envy. Envy is currently embroiled in a variety of real estate lawsuits. The primary of these lawsuits is in relation to an alleged real estate scam that Envy has been accused of. Anthony Barone and Anthony Martini claim that Envy and two others defrauded them out of $1.5 million in investment for an apartment complex that never came to be. The two men claim they invested in two real estate companies associated with Envy, who never followed through on the project.

“Time to tattoo that hairline too,” Rick Ross wrote on his Instagram Story alongside news of the lawsuits. He continued, posting more reports to his story. “Career center foreclosure,” he captioned one, asking if the DJ’s wife “still does feet” in another. Meanwhile, Ross has also spent time with Tony Robinson, a one-time NFL player who has dedicated himself to exposing Envy. Envy has since sued Robinson for defamation. He claims that the former quarterback has falsely called him a “thief”, “scammer”, and has also falsely accused him of running a “Ponzi scheme”.


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