Cam Newton’s Free Agency Status Receives An Update

Cam Newton is currently a free agent although he probably won’t be signing anywhere anytime soon.

 and fans are extremely curious as to who he will end up signing with. The Panthers didn’t release Newton because he was playing overtly bad. In fact, it has everything to do with the fact that he has been injured quite a bit over the last few seasons and that he has struggled to remain consistent with his health. Now, the Panthers are putting their trust in Teddy Bridgewater while Newton looks to go somewhere else.

According to reporter Joe Person, things could be a little dicey for Newton moving forward as he can’t undergo a physical due to travel restrictions. As he reports, Newton has absolutely zero interest in signing as a backup and that if he can’t get a quarterback job before the season starts, he will hold out and wait for someone to get injured. This strategy could, in turn, lead to a bigger payday.

Newton is a former MVP and even led the Panthers to a Super Bowl appearance. Clearly, he is an elite quarterback who has simply been a little unlucky over the last few seasons. With this in mind, hopefully, he is able to find a new club, sooner rather than later.

 but for now, they look to be content with what they have.

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