Magic Johnson Addresses Kobe’s Appearance On "The Last Dance"

Kobe Bryant’s appearance on “The Last Dance” will be an emotional rollercoaster for Lakers fans.

Kobe Bryant’s passing came as a shock to not just the basketball community, but the world as well. Ever since January 26th of this year, Lakers fans have been looking for answers and the mere mention of Kobe’s name leads to a couple of tears. His legacy will forever live on and over the coming years, we will surely continue to see tributes dedicated to the Lakers legend.

Tonight,  and, in fact, the fifth episode will be dedicated in Bryant’s honor. In an interview with Arash Markazi, spoke about Kobe’s appearance in the doc and how it is sure to be an emotional moment for Lakers fans everywhere.

“It’s going to mean a lot to a lot of people, especially [in Los Angeles], and it’s going to mean a lot to Kobe fans,” Johnson said. “They’re going to need this. Nobody is past what happened. It will mean something to them and all of us who are Kobe fans and Lakers fans.”

 so we’re sure Bryant had quite a bit to say about his mentor. We’re sure Jordan will appreciate all of the kind words and stories that were told.


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